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The definition of madness is that people are in an abnormal condition. If you keep doing something in that condition till the end, you will be able to gain a certain enormous strength. And also the absolute strength will have significant meanings in your life for sure. However, madness can also make you reckless. The recklessness has the potential to make a person’s life miserable. In fact, people avoid succumbing to madness for the fear that it could take everything away from them. But, we must not avoid madness just because of the fear of the collapse. Instead, we should learn to live with the fear as a part of ourselves, and eventually learn to overcome it. It is the very same act that our ancestors, who originally had been running away in the fear of the fire, finally faced and overcame it, which lead to the establishment of today’s culture. The pursuit of happiness is the fundamental drive of all human cultures. But in order to reach the goal of happiness, you must be willing to face the fear that madness could one day get control over your life. Don't be ashamed of it. A winner is always the one who sticks to their own convictions.

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