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  Living is miserable and painful. My own existing self who keep doing something worthless makes me so miserable and nauseated. Nevertheless, that wor...



The definition of madness is that people are in an abnormal condition. If you keep doing something in that condition till the end, you will be able to...


Synchronize with History

The learning from successes or failures of historic people as good lessons is the same process of keeping a balance between input and output in learni...


Parents and Friends

Biologically, there are no people who have no parents. But socially, there are people who have no friends. Suddenly, I`ve realized that I`m so blessed...


Master and Education

A master in a certain field has a great understanding of his own techniques, including its influence and limits. Therefore, great doctors devote their...


Information and Decision

Having many ideas or much information is not always the best way to help you. Enormous information without decision will lead you confused and ruined....


The water

The water which I scooped up with my hands, flowed away because of my carelessness. Nevertheless, it gave me a smile while it dripped down from my han...


What we should do

There exist gifted people in their respective fields with no doubt. What they see and experience is completely different from ordinary people. However...


Am I in a committed relationship now!?

This is the story of how I met my present girlfriend. It was about 2 months ago. She was working in a new restaurant, which is very close to my place ...


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