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Chapter 2 Come on,Chinese KFC!Let's take this on!

中国ケンタッキー見参! コーンはいらねぇよ・・・。


Hello, everyone! It's the time for "Enjoy eating with Kenneth!", which always introduces delicious food in the world to you! What? Are you saying that nobody expects me to show up ? Come on~,dont be so cold to me, will you? otherwise, I will feel so awful I will cry...Well, I just let those cold blooded people go away and start on our journey to look for delicious food.
Today's topic is Kentucky Fried Chicken,KFC. I know we should not have picked this as our topic for today. But I have a truly serious reason for it. It has been almost 8 years since I started living in China. Originally, I was crazy (still am) about KFC so I have tried KFC a million times in China,too. To be honest, 8 years ago, the KFC in China(at least in Beijing) didn't serve good fried chickens. It seemed obvious that their chickens had been fried twice or more. Of course, the taste was not as good as in the other countries. Even though the KFC is one of the biggest fast food restaurant in this world. The price is as high as in the other countries! "Oh, no! Only the price is at the international class!?" This was my first thought about KFC in China.(Please forgive me, Chinese friends in Lang 8)
However, it has been changing for the past few years. "They are getting better!" Years ago, they fried the chickens too many times and dried it out. I needed my tears to cover the chickens whenever I ate the skins of chickens, which is my favorite part. Now, it is getting even juicier! "I gotta check this out!" Then, I just run over to the nearest KFC from my house.


When I entered the KFC restaurant, I was shocked. "They raised the price again!?" A few monthes ago, the price was just 68 RMB(It was around 50 RMB 8 years ago).But now it is 74 RMB."Damn, not again~." I was wondering if I should go back. "Oh, my lord..." Finally, I decided to keep going and pushed myself to reach to the counter. "One family set for takeout, please." I ordered it from a waiter who looked so tired. "One family set!" He shouted with his whole remaining energy left like a salmon giving a birth with its final bit of strength. Thank to his help, my order came out in minutes.I brought it home.
These pictures are of the KFC set wihch I am talking about. As you can see,in china you can't get as many chickens as in the other countries. Do you know the reason? At first, my greedy self thought " They tricked me!!" Of course, they didn't. I suppose that it is because of the "One child policy" in china. According to the law against the family size which the peole are able to have, each family only has three people, which means that the amount of chickens and three cups of coke should be enough for one family.
As you can see from those photos, we get five normal chickens, six spicy chicken wings, two rolls of bread and one corn bar. "Obviously, it's too little!" You may want to say so, but please calm down. we are not concerned about the amount here. To tell the truth, I used to be able to eat three sets of these family sets easily. Sigh~,I am getting older for sure...


By the way, I was surprised at this corn. I suppose that they don't serve the corn in other countries. As far as I know, we can get biscuits,crispy chicken strips or salad in Japan. In Canada, you can get cake, biscuits, crispy chicken strips or salad. I have heard that you can have nums in India, which is the Indian principal food. I wish I could compare all the kinds of KFC family set menus in the world someday! This all depends on you, my friends!! I am waiting for your information!!^^
Finally, I took my first bite. "Great!" Compared to the old day's chickens which were too dried out to eat, it has become tastier. And these spicy chicken wings were good, too. A few years ago, they served it half-cooked. but it seems that there is not that kind of problem nowadays. " They have been improving themselves even more!" I was so touched by each of my bites. However, I cannot accept this corn on the cob. In the past 8 years, they have not changed the family set menu which includes corn. Personally, I am already sick of the corn. I hope they will make an alternative menu, instead of it.


My conclusion: Chinese KFC has improved! But no more corn !!



Chapter 2 Come on,Chinese KFC!Let's take this on!Others

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