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Chapter 1 Delicious! Gyugenan!

これがモツ鍋だ! 旨いが量が少ないぞ!


Hello, Everyone! Finally, Our "Enjoy eating with Kenneth!" has started. But To be honest, I don't know where we should start. Thinking of 2011,there was nothing good happened to me, Damn〜.I am so depressed. Refreshing those bad feelings, I decided to go to a Japanese restaurant "Gyu gen an" in Beijing, China.
We met up at the restaurant at around 8:30 PM (Because we had to work overtime. Damn, I hate my job...) and tried to make some orders immediately. According to the menu, this restaurant mainly serves Japanese hot pot, like Sukiyaki or Motu.(Motu is animal guts)."Hey, Kenneth. Do you see anything you like?"Friend O asked me."Of course, I will have Motu!"Maybe that was because I was tired from work and a little high. I suggested it with very strange mood. Funny thing was that my friend accepted my suggestion so easily, without any doubts."Right on!"We gave our order to the waitress and waited.
Around 10 min`s later, it came to our table."Oh, dear my lovely Motu!!"I shouted in my mind. And the smell was so good! As you can see on my picture, they serve a lot〜.The food ontop will sink into the pot when the food underneath is cooked well. Interesting^^
I took a bite of well-cooked motu."Delicious!!"I almost swore to God that I would not brush my teeth again.
Also, Yukke was good, which we ordered, too.(Yukke is raw beef with eggs. I think it’s from Korean food.)But the amount of Yukke was too small. That was the sad part of today`s dinner.
we ordered a few more motu and got the bill. It costed around 180RMB per person. It is pretty expensive, compared to the other restaurant in China. However, you can give it try sometime, especially at winter time.

The food of Gyu gen an is great, especially in winter!!

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